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Smart Toilet Bidet Seat U Shape with Control Panel

Smart Toilet Bidet Seat U Shape with Control Panel


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Level up your hygiene
Smart bidet toilet seat
Built-in control panel
IPX4 waterproof
Heated anti-bacterial seat
Built-in automatic body sensor
Self-cleaning nozzle
4 washing modes (front wash, rear wash, defecation wash, nozzle self cleaning)
Adjustable seat temperature
Adjustable water temperature and pressure
Adjustable washing position
Adjustable dryer temperature
External water filter
Automatic deodorisation
Soft-closing lid

Fit for shape: U-Shaped
Watermark approval (No. 030071)
Licence No. SAA193247
Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz
Water pressure: 0.08-0.75Mpa
Spray volume: Buttock cleaning: About 0.5-0.8L/min, Women-only: About 0.5-0.8L/min
Water pressure control: anus washing, bidet washing for 4 levels, controlled by remote control(/ Built-in side control panel) 
Water Temperature Control: 4-step adjustment (Room temperature, 33℃, 37℃, 40℃)
Water safety device: temperature sensor, temperature fuse, temperature jumper, flowmeter
Washing power: 1600W
Dryer power: 250W
Dryer temperature control: 4-level adjustment (Room temperature, 36℃, 43℃ or 50℃)
Dryer safety device: temperature fuse
Seat temperature control: 4-step adjustment (Room temperature, 33℃, 37℃, 40℃)
Seat power: 35W
Seat safety device: temperature sensor, temperature fuse
Australian plug
Outer diametre of hose: 13mm
Innner diametre of hose: 7mm
Length of hose with the screw heads: 800mm
Length of hose without the screw heads: 760mm
Outer diametre of screw heads: 20.956mm
Innner diametre of screw heads: 18.632mm
Filter size: G1/2
Other measurements: see photos
Measurement discrepencies: +/-2%
Bidet warranty: 5 Years warranty

In the Package
1x Electric bidet seat
1x Fitting kit
1x Manual

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